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Cloud Performance Monitoring

When migrating to the cloud, businesses may face the risk of overspending or bad performance. Typically, it happens due to the wrong resource allocation. To detect the issue early or prevent it at all, we integrate a user-friendly analytics system that surpasses on-premises performance after migrati... Read more

Predictive Data Analytics

Predictive data analytics is an important industry application of machine learning. Implementing predictive data analytics solutions involves more than just selecting the appropriate machine learning algorithm. Predictive data analytics is an important industry application of machine learning. Impl... Read more

Data Migration Testing

The distinction between testing the data and testing the application is often difficult for the business to grasp. However, the primary goal of data migration testing is to ensure that data is correctly extracted, transformed, and loaded into the new target system as designed. The distinction betwe... Read more

CRM Analytics

We develop analytic solutions that go beyond the standard reporting features found in commercial CRM applications. Our services include building predictive models, bespoke customer segmentation algorithms, and custom dashboards tailored to individual client needs. To predict customer behavior, recom... Read more

Data Warehouse vs Database

You need a Data Warehouse if you plan to implement a Business Intelligence (BI) solution to support your decision-making and improve your business processes. But DWH development is linked with additional expenses. Is it possible to save your money by implementing BI solution without DWH? You need ... Read more

CRM Software Features

CRM software provides various benefits. It helps boost salespeople's earnings and allows sales managers to handle underperforming reps effectively. It also assists senior management in enhancing market share. In this overview, we will explore the key features of CRM software and how they significant... Read more
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